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We actively seek investment opportunities across sectors. KKCG’s Real estate pillar provides the basis of diversified investments with lasting growth potential.

1/2 our success

top´rezidence – Trademark designating quality living with functional design

top´rezidence – Trademark designating quality living with functional design

  • 2nd place

    in Best of Realty awards

  • 50

    low-energy houses

  • all buildings

    sold out

Top´rezidence is an established trademark, recognized by clients as designating the excellence of KKCG Real Estate residential projects. It guarantees the quality of the location, a high accommodation standard, and an individual approach to clients. KKCG Real Estate's first residential project, the top´rezidence Šárecké údolí, placed second in the Small-Scale Residential Ventures category of the Best of Realty contest in 2017. 

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2/2 our success

Every liter of gasoline and diesel flows through our fittings

Every liter of gasoline and diesel flows through our fittings

  • 500,000 pieces

    of fittings delivered

  • 2 500 km

    of pipelines

  • 27 years

    on the market

Industrial piping and fittings made by Moravia Systems are used by the biggest players in the energy supply, petrochemical, gas supply, water supply, and chemical sectors, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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Business areas in Real estate

We create exceptional architecture in prestigious locations, as well as investing in industrial properties and providing property management services

We entered the real estate segment in 2012 with a view to creating outstanding works of architecture with an emphasis on partnerships, innovation and respect for the environment. We focus on ventures targeting residential and commercial development, facility management and industrial management. Our vision is to create lasting value by bringing together the genius loci and innovative architecture in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Companies Management
  • Petr Pujman
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, KKCG Real Estate
Real Estate

We invest in the mechanical industry

Our business started with an investment in the mechanical industry. In 1992, Karel Komárek founded M.O.S Hodonín specializing in industrial fittings. Four years later, M.O.S. Hodonín became Moravia Systems, which is now an important supplier of high-quality mechanical products and ranks among preferred contractors for capital construction projects. Our clients and partners include renowned international corporations from Europe and overseas.

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Jakub Sokol
Project & Portfolio Review Manager
Jakub Sokol

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