Our business relies on four stable pillars

Our portfolio includes more than 30 prospering companies. We have transformed small local firms into successful, growing enterprises. We have acquired established companies and further developed their potential, paving the way to new opportunities.

Our business
in numbers


    More than €5.2 Bn


    Over 4,500 employees


    Operations in 18 countries



First Steps in Business

KKCG’s founder and owner Karel Komárek enters the world of business in 1992. He borrows CZK 300,000 from his father to launch M.O.S. Hodonín, a Czech company specializing in industrial fittings.


Expansion to Slovakia

Two years later, Komárek expands to the Slovak market for industrial fittings through MOS Michalovce Slovakia, and founds SLOVGAS to enter the gas supply sector.


Oil and Gas

M.O.S. Hodonín becomes Moravia Systems. One year later, the rebranded company joins forces with the Slovakia-based SPP Bratislava to form a joint venture named SPP Bohemia. Komárek uses SPP Bohemia as a springboard for entering the oil and gas production sector.


Gas Supply and Oil Production Business Stabilized

Komárek uses SPP Bohemia as a vehicle for his long-term strategy of entering the crude oil and natural gas sector. The vision is clear: to build a strong and prosperous enterprise.


Launch of Oil and Gas Business

SPP Bohemia buys voting rights to shares held by municipalities, and increases its stake in Moravské naftové doly (MND) to gain access to large oil and gas fields in the Czech Republic and in Pakistan. In the same year, the company acquires shares in leading Czech gas distribution companies.


First Steps in Mechanical Engineering Sector

Komárek acquires a large stake in the machinery manufacturer ŽDB, and his family becomes a majority shareholder of KOVOSVIT, a. s., a leading Czech maker of machine tools. SPP Bohemia opens its first underground gas storage facility in Dolní Bojanovice.


Entry to Securities Market

Komárek becomes the majority shareholder of ATLANTIK FT, a securities dealer and market maker for the most liquid stocks traded on the Prague Stock Exchange.


Uhřice Gas Storage Facility Opens

An MND subsidiary launches one of Europe’s most advanced underground gas storage facilities in Uhřice, Czech Republic. In 2001 and 2002, MND records the best ever oil and gas production figures in its 90-year history.


KKCG's Prominence on the Market Grows

Komárek becomes the majority shareholder of Moravské naftové doly. ATLANTIK enlarges its portfolio by adding online stock trading on global markets and focuses on major transactions and acquisitions.


Mechanical Industry Business Grows Significantly

January sees the delivery of the first-ever settlement verdict by a commercial court in the Czech Republic. As part of the settlement, Komárek becomes the majority shareholder of the ŽDB machinery group. MND takes over the management of the Sawan project in Pakistan.


Entry to Travel Industry

KKCG becomes the majority shareholder of FISCHER, one of the biggest travel agencies in the Czech Republic. Under KKCG’s management, FISCHER restructures and adopts a new business strategy.


Rise in Gas Production

In March, MND registers record-high monthly production, close to nine million cubic meters of gas. Profit after taxation amounts to CZK 2.2 billion, a nearly eight-fold increase from 1999.


Transforming Czech Cities

Karel Komárek establishes the Proměny Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of public space and to instigating a debate about the correlation between people and their living environment.


International Restructuring

The Cyprus-based KKCG SE is established to operate as KKCG Group’s parent company. Its structure allows the development of strategic business areas and improves the assessment of investment opportunities.


Care for Cultural Heritage

Komárek honors the legacy of Czech musical giant Antonín Dvořák and founds the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival. At the same time, machinery products manufactured by ŽDB and BONATRANS return to global markets thanks to KKCG’s management and hundreds of millions invested in production technology upgrades.


Investments in Biotechnologies

KKCG obtains a stake in Medicem, a biotechnology firm specializing in the research, development and marketing of state-of-the-art medical devices that allow patients to remain active and self-sufficient.


MND in Center of Interest

KKCG transforms its ownership structure to focus primarily on the development of the MND Group. ŽDB GROUP, BONATRANS GROUP and KOVOSVIT are sold as part of a settlement deal.


Growth in the Tourism and Gas Trading Sectors

FISCHER buys NEV-DAMA, the largest Czech travel agency specializing in winter holidays. MND opens a new sales division that focuses on active gas trading.


Lottery Win

KKCG becomes the 100% owner of SAZKA, the biggest Czech lottery company, and transforms it into a modern, prospering enterprise. The result is a 95% share of the lottery market and over one billion crowns in profit before taxes.


Entry into the Real Estate Business (Including Startups)

KKCG founds KKCG Real Estate to enter the real estate market. The group launches Springtide Ventures, an investment fund targeting ambitious technology startups. KKCG buys a stake in the Greek national lottery company OPAP and takes over part of its management.


Mobile Phone Operator

February sees SAZKA unveil a virtual mobile operator under the SAZKA Mobil brand to gradually become the biggest alternative mobile phone operator in the Czech Republic.


State-of-the-Art Data Center Launched

KKCG opens a state-of-the-art data center in Lužice, Czech Republic. Certified to the Tier III international standard, the facility features cost-effective operation with an emphasis on cybersecurity and physical security.


IT Expansion

A partnership with Foxconn enlarges the KKCG portfolio through the addition of the SafeDX Data Center, a modern facility aspiring to become the technology gateway for Asian companies entering European markets. New underground storage facilities are opened under the management of Moravia Gas Storage and MND Gas Storage Germany – one in Dambořice, Czech Republic, and two in Germany. The total storage capacity in all three facilities amounts to nearly one billion cubic meters.


Biggest Lottery Company in Europe and Biggest IT Acquisition in the Czech Republic

The SAZKA Group becomes Europe’s largest lottery and sports betting company. SAZKA Group operates in six European countries and is the biggest provider of number lotteries on the continent. It holds stakes in all privately-owned lotteries in continental Europe. KKCG acquires a majority stake in AutoCont Holding, the number one on the market for IT services for medium and large organizations. AutoCont operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Lottery Business Growth

SAZKA Group becomes a strategic partner holding a controlling share in SuperSport d.o.o, the largest provider of sports betting in Croatia based on its profit before taxation.

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